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Good evening QBC,

We are sad to inform you that we will have a partial closing for church tomorrow, 11/15/2020 due to both our pastors’ family members having a fever this week and with the rise of COVID-19 cases in NYC, we are taking precautionary measures for the safety of everyone and have decided and felt it was best for our pastors to stay home and quarantine. We will stay on preaching schedule with Pastor RJ preaching tomorrow from home. We will only allow the staff, praise & worship team and those assigned for worship service to be at church tomorrow. We will keep you updated next week for what’s planned for 11/22/2020 and the weeks to follow.

With that being said, WE WILL STILL HAVE WORSHIP SERVICE via live stream as we have previously done.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/Fo3UR6idNrg

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/QBCNY

Both our pastors are doing well, and their family are feeling better. Please continue to pray for our pastors and their family.

Please be safe, vigilant, and stay home especially if you are not feeling well.

In Christ’s love,

QBC Board of Elders and QBC Safety Committee

Dear QBC Family and Friends,

Hello all, thank you for taking the time to read this update
Here are the things we will be covering in this email:
– Sign Ups
– QBC Livestream
– Operation Christmas Child

In order to keep track of our attendance while complying with COVID-19 Rules and Regulations please help us by signing up for our Worship Services until further notice.
If you have difficulty with the website please email QBCadmin@qbcny.org or text/call Roselle at 516-647-3778 to register – just give the names of who is attending and for what date.
We’d love to have you and see you while being as safe and cautious as possible!

QBC Livestream
We are transitioning into our own streaming service on our website, steering away from third parties like Youtube and Facebook. 
Please keep this link bookmarked or in your mind: www.qbcny.org/live
That page will be containing the content of our livestream broadcasts.

Operation Christmas Child
Please visit www.qbcny.org/occ for more information about Operation Christmas Child operations
The website will be updated regularly with information.

Good evening QBC,

Our church re-open is tomorrow! There are slots still open – if you would like to join just sign up here: qbcny.org/signup

Getting prepared for church re-open. We will begin our worship service at 11:00am.

SAFETY FIRST: We will respect and follow the NYC COVID-19 Church Re-Open protocol, rules and regulation.

  • Please remember to bring your face covering/mask and must always be worn. Observe all social distance rules, ensure that a distance of at least six feet is always maintained among all individuals unless the individuals are members of the same household.
  • The entrance of the church will be the door at the driveway and the exit will be the front door. If you need to use the handicap lift, you can enter through the front door accompanied by one of our safety staff.
  • Upon entering the church building, there will be markings on the floor that will guide you in the direction you have to walk. Please do your best to avoid crossing paths with individuals that are not of the same household.

WHAT IF I CAN’T OR WON’T BE ATTENDING WORSHIP SERVICE AT CHURCH? We will continue to do live stream service. You can watch the live stream on YouTube or FaceBook.

YouTube: http://www.qbcny.org/live

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/QBCNY/

TITHES & OFFERING: If you are going to church, there will be designated locations where you can drop your tithes and offering. Otherwise, you still have the three options that we have provided for you to give.

  • Give online: http://www.qbcny.org/give
  • Mail check to Queens Bible Church at 7306 Cooper Ave. Glendale NY 11385
  • Bill Pay – a free bank service in which your bank will send a check for you. Contact your bank to set that up and provide the address (7306 Cooper Ave. Glendale NY 11385) and the account number (3478819360)

COMMUNION: Since it is the first Sunday of the month, we will have communion. If you are going to church, a communion packet will be provided beforehand and placed at your seat. If you are joining us via live stream, have bread and juice prepared beforehand so it is ready at the communion portion of our Worship Service.

Looking forward to worshiping and praising God together whether at church or online!

In the love of Christ,
Pastor TJ and Pastor RJ


Dear QBC Family and Friends,

We will open August 2! There will be a sign-up sheet for the whole month of August. If you would like to join, just sign up for the week you would like to join our worship service. We are making it a maximum of sixty (60) people. We ask that you sign up for one week of August to allow others to come to church. However, you can check the list on Saturday prior to the Sunday to see if there are empty slots if you would like to join again.  

The sign up will be virtual through planning center provided by the link here:

You can also call our admin team at (347) 881-9360 or contact our Admin Secretary, Roselle (me) at (516) 647 3778 and we will sign you up. If we do not pick up please leave a message with your name, phone number or email and which date you want to sign up for.

If you need a VISUAL guide on how to sign up, I have created a video guide/tutorial on how to do so on your own using the website – it’s quick and easy if you have the time and capability – but if you still need help please look at above numbers to call.
Here is the link to the video tutorial: www.qbcny.org/signuphelp

Now with Covid-19 still being a risk, this is a soft re-opening. For your safety, we ask that the seniors (age 65+) stay home for at least the first three weeks of August or until we know for sure that it is safe, we hope you understand. For those that will be coming, you are required to observe social distancing rules and must wear a mask. We want to be as vigilant and cautious when we gather for worship for yours and other’s safety.

What about those who can’t come to church? We will continue to do live streaming, so you will still be able to join us for worship. It will the same as we have been doing. You can watch it through YouTube or Facebook (links provided)

YouTube: http://www.qbcny.org/live

FcaeBook: https://www.facebook.com/QBCNY/

Looking forward to seeing you again! We are praying for that one day we can all gather for worship in one building but that doesn’t change the fact that we are still one church, one body with Jesus Christ being the head even if we worship and praise Him from separate location. God Bless.

Again here are the links:
Sign up: www.qbcny.org/signup

Sign Up Tutorial: www.qbcny.org/signuphelp

Thank you and God bless,

Subscribe to our email at www.qbcny.org/subscribe


Join us for livestreams on Sundays with pre-service greetings at 10:45am and service starting at 11:00am – go to www.qbcny.org/live



Join us for VIRTUAL prayer meeting on Wednesdays via Zoom.
Details will be emailed through our subscription list: www.qbcny.org/subscribe



In order to make yourself ready for Sunday, please be in an attitude of prayer as you prepare the following:

1. Diced bread (a slice of bread divided into cubes, enough to serve to your household)
2. Grape or any available juice in small cups or glasses.
3. Proper dress attire to show respect for the Lord’s Table and a tray on a table to fit all of the elements.



ONLINE GIVING – go to www.qbcny.org/give and fill out the form and follow prompts to give online

TRADITIONAL POST – send your checks via the mail, mail in an envelope to Queens Bible Church 7306 Cooper Avenue Glendale NY 11385. if you want to give cash, you may only drop off physically in our mailbox (please do not send cash via post since it may be risky.)

PICK UP – We are offering contactless pick up services for your offering from your home. If this option is suitable for you please contact the QBC Admin Team at qbcadmin@qbcny.org OR call/text 347-881-9360