Report from Pastor Dan Finfrock of ICBM

Greetings!  I just returned from traveling around the world in 17 days!  My trip to Hungary teaching the IBS at the Bible school went great.  I had students from 14 nations.  We had a terrific time going through the IBS in one week.  I visited the CC in Budapest on Sunday and found it to be a very large alive church. They are asking for an IBS seminar next year if I go back to the Bible school.  From Hungary I went to Japan where I did another IBS with about 4 different churches. It was a fruitful time with this group.  They caught the concept and were very excited.  I also had a chance to go to the Tsunami hit coast in Sendi.  The damage was unbelievable.  I did a small group Bible study with 10 people who all lost their homes.  They were all unbelievers but very open to the Gospel.  It was a challenging study to not use any Christian phrases we typically use in Bible study.  These people did not even understand the need for repentance until I explained what sin was and why they needed Jesus.  One man who was in the mafia shared that he felt he was very close to becoming a Believer but just needed a bit more time to understand.  I asked him at the end of the study if I could pray for him and he was open.  Please pray for this man to give his life to Jesus.  The whole group I believe is very close to making a decision for Christ.  They meet every week and are eager to learn. 

If you would like to see some pictures of my last trip to Japan, check out this blog from my host Maxx, from Japan.
Thanks for praying for me.  God has again answered your prayers.  He is so good!  Blessings – Dan