Micoh Ongoco - QBC Scholar, PBTS Baguio

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! May God's Grace be with you.

I am so thankful to God to the blessings that I received from your church. It is a very big, big, big blessing. Thank you.

I really cannot explain how happy I am while writing this. And I cannot explain my joy inside my heart when I heard the news of receiving that blessings. Thank you so much!! Thank you very much!!!! And I really thank GOD for that.. God is really great! I thank God so much for using your church as a blessing to many people especially to me.

I am now in the third term of our class and I take only four subjects which is I am enjoying now my class now here in PBTS. I am serving GOD with the Chinese People here in Philippines. The name of the church is La Union Chinese Baptist Church. I am already praying since God bring me there in that Church because my heart really wants to help them. I am now preaching there once a month, leading devotion and I always believe that It is only “by His Grace” that’s why “glory is to our God alone." I am so happy serving God.

I am praying for God’s will for me after I graduate here in PBTS. Please help me by your prayers. God bless you. My prayer right now is wherever God bring me, may God use me as a channel of His Grace and His blessing to the people surrounding me and also to share the finished work of Jesus in the cross.

I will update you pastor with my class and with my prayer concerns here in email. God bless you.